Kimberly Lighting LLC, dba Kimberly LED Lighting provides interior and exterior LED products, and UV-C lighting for commercial, industrial, and government facilities throughout all 50 states. Kimberly LED Lighting products have the highest lumens per watt and come with a lifetime warranty. We also offering installation, recycling, and management services. Kimberly LED Lighting is a tier-one trade-ally with most energy companies in the U.S. and companies like JCI, Adient, Dunhams Sports, Coleman Outdoors, SAS Automotive, and many more have partnered with us.

Core Competencies

  • Interior Led Lighting
  • Exterior Led Lighting
  • Led Uv-c Lighting
  • Cost Analysis Surveys
  • Warranty Work
  • Installation
  • Temperature Check Kiosks
  • Photometric Design


  • 75+ years of lighting experience, with 15 years in the LED market.
  • Partners with some of the largest U.S. Corporations to provide LED change-outs, including award-winning projects for JCI and Adient.
  • Full, turnkey solutions programs where we manage and execute projects from beginning to end, including installation and supervision throughout all 50 states
  • The only lifetime warranty (50,000 hours)for both labor and replacement in the industry and a Chief Engineer who has designed tactical LED for the Military.